Monday, June 25, 2012

Sundays in Chacras de Coria

 I've lived in Chacras de Coria for a long time now, it's probably my place in the world. Chacras is a colorful little town just 15km away from downtown and halfway to the wine country. It is gorgeous on any given day but on Sundays it is vibrant: the Flea Market decorates the little square and a mixture of people, from local chacrenses to visitors, combine to make it a perfect excursion for the weekend.Sundays in Chacras de Coria by Laura Yofre 
The church, right in front of the main square, summons everybody around noon for Sunday mass. Afterwards, if you want to stop for a bite to eat, there are many options, but my favorite spot is Lo de Coria: don't expect haute cuisine here or attention-to-detail service! However, the strategic corner where it's located is the perfect spot to overlook the square and to grasp the look and feel of the chacrenses. 
    After lunch, get ready for a unique experience: dive into the Flea Market. If I have to use a word to define it, it would be eclectic. You can find everything from early XXth century antiques to modern design pieces. From typical leather belts and key holder to artisanal jewelry and silverware to colorful ceramic planters. The pony ride is a must for the little ones who can also stop at the Painting Corner that offers easels, pencils and paints available for the little artists to be. 
As the afternoon goes by and you are done with walking, try one of the many coffee places around: Viamonte Bar, Jebbs or Bianco & Nero, each offers a different way of enjoying the media tarde (tea time). Whether you chase it with coffee, tea or fruit juice, you must try our tortitas! Even if you feel like going back to your hotel room, don't leave Chacras without stopping at La Veneciana for a handfull of tortitas raspadas (to die for!) and I can bet you'll leave your heart in Chacras!
All the action is over as soon as the sun goes down, don't miss it!
Laura Yofre