Friday, October 30, 2009

Mondo Explorer's International RSVP: Art Basel Miami Beach

It's that time of year again, when artists, collectors, gallery owners, patrons, celebrities, and visitors alike flood into Miami for the second leg of Art Basel (the first is held in Switzerland during the summer where, incidentally, Brad Pitt is reported to have dropped about $1 mil earlier this year for one work), undoubtedly the most popular art show in the country, and perhaps even, worldwide.

Art Basel Miami Beach will take place on December 3-6 this year--four days of endless exhibits, cocktail receptions, lectures, forums, parties, film screening, concerts, and socializing. Lest we forget, Art Basel may be a head-swimming, overwhelming, whirlwind of a week where art enthusiasts from around the globe convene in a frenzy to exchange ideas, business cards, and, of course, art, but it is also one of the most significant cultural outposts of the year. True, while giving your close attention to every exhibit is next to impossible (this year more than 250 galleries from around the world will display works by over 2,000 artists, with stations scattered throughout the Miami Beach Convention Center and also throughout the city itself), we've learned that it's best to follow your interests, go with the flow, and keep in mind the old adage that quantity does not equal quality, so be selective with your time (and money).

And, like sitting front row at a haute couture fashion show, hearing a piece of music that's just been composed, tasting food at a new fusion restaurant that you know no chef has ever thought of before, or reading a novel that changes the way a generation thinks about itself, Art Basel gives one the feeling that you are watching culture itself in the making. And, the best part is, for a price, you can even take a little of this culture home with you.

Tickets for Art Basel range from $20 for one evening to $75 for a permanent pass. For more information, visit

You can also visit our Miami site for more information