Thursday, July 22, 2010

Social Travel is here to stay


All this hype about social media has got most companies super excited. It is funny because just about 3 years ago, people started to go crazy about new sites such as "A small world" , where some even offered to pay to become an invitation... It was the beginning of Social Media, and now nearly every person I know is on Facebook, even my mother, because she loves to look at pictures. I believe we all have a little "voyeur" in ourselves, we actually like to see what other people are doing. Travel is different. When you travel, you get a sense of accomplishment if you actually discover something cool and you can let your friends know so they can experience it too; you somehow feel as an explorer, since you discovered a place in the world that will stay on your memory forever, but most importantly now you know that the people you love deserve that experience too! This is SOCIAL TRAVEL, the most important reason for Mondoexplorer to be. Take some time and help us with your experiences and register so that you can share those locations and experiences that you loved in one of the cities we have available, and you will be making people happy, people you don't even know!!!
We love to travel, and we love to explore, and if you feel like that it might be a good idea to contact us if you are interested in starting a new business: social travel.

by Nicolás Visiers Wurth

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Travel, but the MondoExplorer way

July is here and most of us already know where we are going to spend the summer at. While summer travel is probably where we spend the most money, we tend to want to minimize the risk of having a disaster vacation by going to places we already visited, or even choosing a location that is what we call "a safe bet" so that the little time we get to relax and spend quality time is just that, JOYFUL. Ever since we started this it was our intent to help travelers with their decisions, by giving them local advice that would allow them to have a rewarding experience, by letting them know in advance what to do, where to go, where to stay in cities we have collaborators at so that they get first hand information.

Spending time in Argentina, I always found that being there was a completely different experience when I knew someone local that gave me recommendations, and I am extremely happy to see the great work of our collaborators in Mendoza, who have put a great deal of information in our city guide that I am sure will bring value to anyone wanting to go there. We have local advice, but even more than that, we have people that are extremely happy to help you if you are traveling there, giving you tips, advice and information that will definitively help make your time there unforgettable. Check out their latest suggestions and start planing your trip to one of the most fascinating places Argentina has to offer, where you can ski at this time of the year and experience some of the best sights in all Latin America. When you go there don't forget to visit one of the many famous wine makers of the region to taste the best Malbec wines !!!

Enjoy your Summer ! Nicolás Visiers Würth, Mondoexplorer.