Thursday, November 18, 2010

Miami Becomes the capital of ART

Miami becomes the capital of Art

On December 2nd until December 5th, once again Miami will kick off its Art Basel Art Show. Few people know that it is actually the largest art show in the United States, and with merchants and buyers coming from all over the world it has also become a destination in the "hip vip" calendar of most of the "in crowd". So is it a good time to come? Absolutely! The only draw back is that it is actually diffcult to find a good hotel rate, but the weather is at its best, the crowd is great, and all of the parties and social events really dress up Miami with a touch of art and class. So if on a budget call your long time friend who lives in the city, or if you can afford it, reserve right now so you don't miss the opportunity to get cultured, have a fun time and enjoy this fantastic city. Mondoexplorer will be in Art Basel, so let us know if you will be there too if you are interested in talking about exciting opportunities or just to go and visit a nice gallery.

Nicolás Visiers Würth

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Best City in Latin America

I was recently reading a ranking published by "América Económica" of the best cities do do business in Latin America ( . I was not surprised to find Miami to be the number one ranked, as the slump in real estate prices has made this city affordable and it still offers some of the best quality entertainment and lifestyle in the region. I would like to talk about Bogota, because I was very surprised to find it was 8th place among the list.

I have visited Bogota on business trips as well as on vacation and I was extremely satisfied!!! If you like to eat, Bogota offers some of the best restaurants I have ever tried; my personal favorites are Harry's Bar, Balzac and Andres Carne de Res - a local iconic restaurant, has to be visited to be understood-, which recently also opened a location in the city called Andres D.C. For seafood go to La Mar, it is a fantastic place and the food and service will blow you away!

If you like walking, I recommend staying at the Windsor Hotel, a really nice and friendly Hotel situated close to everything and in a nice residential neighborhood.

If you like to explore, in the city I recommend going to "la Candelaria" during the day time, to look at the old part of the city and a visit to Montserrate mountain to see the city views is also great. For weekend excursions Villa de Leyva is a must, and for all man traveling aline be very careful: "the biggest danger Colombia has is you might want to stay there"

For more information go to Mondo Bogota
Nicolas Visiers Würth

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is happening around the world in september?

Most people have a difficult time adjusting to work after summer, but some seasoned travelers are just about to start their vacation! They know that prices drop in September and the weather is milder and more favorable. Going to the Balearic Islands in August is like taking the subway at rush hour, and it is difficult, but not impossible, to find locations where you can actually relax; in September you will have a much milder climate in all the Mediterranean, a destination full of fantastic places for all tastes.

In Italy you can visit the Capri one of the last places in this part of the world that remains true to its identity. In France the obvious option is St Tropez or Antibes where the famous Hotel du Cap is located, now it is not so crowded and locals are much nicer to foreigners. I personally love the loire area close to Paris, it is a bit cold but if you want to enjoy great food and spectacular views this is a location not to miss. In Spain I would suggest the Balearic Islands, any of the three major Islands will be a great destination as now most of the crowds left. In the main land, the Costa Brava continues to be a favorite spot, and once there try to get a table at El Bulli, which was rated the best restaurant in the world for the las 3 years in a row and will close its doors this coming December, definitively a must!!! Don´t forget that the Octoberfest is starting this month and Munich will become during 4 weeks the Beer Capital of the world: if you want to see 1000 people cheering and chanting it is a great idea to go, for me one day is enough and the rest of the time I would try to visit this great city which has lots to offer.

For those who have decided to stay in the United States, take a plane to New York, watch the US Open and head to the Hamptons, it is still nice and over the week getting dinner or just relaxing at the beach is possible as long as it is not over the weekend.

Just remember before you live to research the location and prepare your trip, as the enjoyment of travel starts when it is planned! Best travels to all or Mondo Explorer followers!

by Nicolas Visiers Würth, Editor.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Travel recommendations are important

How important are recommendations whenever you travel? Would you rather hear one from a travel expert or from someone you know? Or are you interested in hearing a recommendation from someone with your same profile? Is there a compatibility index that you can actually rely on? Ever since I started traveling I have always been interested in hearing an opinion or suggestion about a dish, hotel or restaurant... I am one of those people that will almost always ask for the specials and let the waiter "sell" me something I was not thinking of eating. When I am traveling, I also like to hear what local people find to be a good choice to do.

I will never forget my first trip to Colorado where on the way from Denver Airport to Vail we stopped at a restaurant, and we asked for "typical" food and they served us nachos with cheese and guacamole. I guess that since we where a group of people talking in Spanish that is what they considered "typical" and I would like! My point is that a recommendation is always subjective to the person giving it, and to their perception of what they believe you will like. So when and recently started to incorporate an application that lets me see what books my friends like, what they bought or read I was quite happy, because there I saw a potential opportunity for travel information. If I could see or choose from a smaller set of options, that a simple sorting based on the characteristics of my "small world" would offer, I could probably avoid going to places my friends already considered "not interesting".

Clearly if you tell me NOT TO GO TO, or PLEASE AVOID THAT PLACE, I will surely consider it, but if you positively recommend, I might decide to go or NOT. So this situation leaves a great deal of pressure on the delivery side, as if more than 5 people "trash" your restaurant you will probably loose business, and guess what most companies are hiring freelancers to write positive reviews at sites such as , so that the negative ones, which sometimes are written by the competition loose weight.... So is this the end of the web 2.0 ? I like to see the positive side of things, so for me this is the beginning of the social web. If I see pictures of my friend enjoying himself in a hotel in Barcelona on facebook, I somehow want to join him, I don´t care about his reviews, I AM SEEING HIS REVIEW!!

At we are working on this and many other interesting things because we like to travel and we like to have great experiences. So here comes my personal recommendation: Cas Gasi, in Ibiza this summer, a great small Bed and Breakfast or "Agroturismo", it is run by Margaret and I guarantee you will enjoy this part of Ibiza in August; you will be close to the action of summer madness and far away enough so you can actually relax and enjoy the last Grisham novel. Enjoy your summer!
Nicolás Visiers Würth, Editor.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Social Travel is here to stay


All this hype about social media has got most companies super excited. It is funny because just about 3 years ago, people started to go crazy about new sites such as "A small world" , where some even offered to pay to become an invitation... It was the beginning of Social Media, and now nearly every person I know is on Facebook, even my mother, because she loves to look at pictures. I believe we all have a little "voyeur" in ourselves, we actually like to see what other people are doing. Travel is different. When you travel, you get a sense of accomplishment if you actually discover something cool and you can let your friends know so they can experience it too; you somehow feel as an explorer, since you discovered a place in the world that will stay on your memory forever, but most importantly now you know that the people you love deserve that experience too! This is SOCIAL TRAVEL, the most important reason for Mondoexplorer to be. Take some time and help us with your experiences and register so that you can share those locations and experiences that you loved in one of the cities we have available, and you will be making people happy, people you don't even know!!!
We love to travel, and we love to explore, and if you feel like that it might be a good idea to contact us if you are interested in starting a new business: social travel.

by Nicolás Visiers Wurth

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Travel, but the MondoExplorer way

July is here and most of us already know where we are going to spend the summer at. While summer travel is probably where we spend the most money, we tend to want to minimize the risk of having a disaster vacation by going to places we already visited, or even choosing a location that is what we call "a safe bet" so that the little time we get to relax and spend quality time is just that, JOYFUL. Ever since we started this it was our intent to help travelers with their decisions, by giving them local advice that would allow them to have a rewarding experience, by letting them know in advance what to do, where to go, where to stay in cities we have collaborators at so that they get first hand information.

Spending time in Argentina, I always found that being there was a completely different experience when I knew someone local that gave me recommendations, and I am extremely happy to see the great work of our collaborators in Mendoza, who have put a great deal of information in our city guide that I am sure will bring value to anyone wanting to go there. We have local advice, but even more than that, we have people that are extremely happy to help you if you are traveling there, giving you tips, advice and information that will definitively help make your time there unforgettable. Check out their latest suggestions and start planing your trip to one of the most fascinating places Argentina has to offer, where you can ski at this time of the year and experience some of the best sights in all Latin America. When you go there don't forget to visit one of the many famous wine makers of the region to taste the best Malbec wines !!!

Enjoy your Summer ! Nicolás Visiers Würth, Mondoexplorer.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer in New York City

The Summer is here and it is going to be HOT in New York !!! For most of the people living here Central Park is the place to go to relax antingd enjoy some of the many activities organized there: Shakespeare on the Park, concerts as well as the great sporting activities. For those fortunate enough to have a place at the Hamptons, the weekend starts early Friday with a quick ride to skip rush hour and enjoy the great beaches and numerous social events. If you are interested on a day trip, I would definitively recommend catching a train, traffic might just ruin your trip. Most trains will take you to the coast line of Connecticut and long Island so there is no need to rent a car whatsoever!
For those fortunate enough to have the extra income and time, a quick flight to Nantucket is definitively recommended, just make sure you reserve your Hotel in advance since there are few options on the island and it is usually all booked. For those of you that are keen on driving, I recommend renting a nice convertible and driving towards Millbrook, NY. The road is not to busy and the location is just great for spending a relaxed weekend. You can enjoy some of the best horse trails in the state !
Enjoy your summer in New York city !

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where to stay when you travel?

I have been traveling pretty much all my life. In the early days it was with my family, and I had to share a room with my sister, in what you would usually would call "family hotels". As we grew older, my parents had the possibility to take us to better places, and as a teenager I enjoyed staying at some of the best hotels around the world. The problem is I have little memories of most of them, perhaps just some that where "amazing" like the Mandarin in Hong Kong, Hotel du Cap in Antibes and the Plaza in New York. The rest? nothing... I can't recall a thing.

As an adult, I made it a mission to try to avoid "typical" chain hotels in my travels when I could. As a business traveler it is complex if your company has corporate accounts or restrictions, but in my private travel I always try to look for a place with "charm", a "boutique" hotel, or the modern version of a "bed and breakfast". For France I enjoy the "Chambre d'Hotes guide, it is fantastic and it give you great options where you can actually experience something different. There are also companies that have selected some of the best boutique hotels that are also doing a great job, such as Epoquehotels, where you can find at least some hotels that have their owners personality.

It is funny that for some of us going to a fast food restaurant is NEVER an option, but on the other hand we keep on going to hotels that are "fast sleep hotels" because we know what to expect; it is time to start exploring , and this is why mondoexplorer was created, to help travelers get local inside information, tips on experiences that can make your travels worth finding a little place in your memory.
Have a great trip and hopefully next time before booking a trip you will think a bit longer about your options!

Thursday, February 11, 2010



The best boat show in the world? I am not sure about that, but definitively it is a major event that brings most of the major shipyards and boating companies to Miami. With locations in various places, the show covers everything, from sunglasses to mega yachts that cost over $100 Million Dollars! With most of the east coast covered in snow it is a relieve to be her and get a chance to test the latest versions or just look at all the new gadgets and equipment for your current yacht. Insider tip: best to take the shuttle to go to all the different sites as parking is impossible !! Enjoy the show, and while you are at it, take the opportunity to explore some of the many events and attractions Miami has to offer, because remember ... "Miami rocks!!"

Mondoexplorer Editor

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

The Super Bowl XLIV is taking place in Miami on February 7th, and it is the 10th time this major sport event takes place here... why? well no other city in the United States can offer entertainment, infrastructure and the best weather for such an event. During the next 2 weeks get ready to rumble, because there are pre parties, post parties, tailgating events all over town. Our personal pick? There is nothing like getting started at one of the many hotels in South Beach, to get the adrenaline pumping while enjoying the fantastic local talented dj's: Delano, Shore Club, The National, The Mondrian or even the newly opened W are going to offer non stop fun and the crowds will not disappoint...

With all the high rollers coming to town, expect a difficult time trying to get to any of the night clubs, so our recommendation is to get your own party going, and if you are a local it is now the time to call any of your fanatic friends who has what it takes to be a good host: Large Plasma, good sized garden and pool to chill ... Please remember Miami will be filled with drunken drivers so just get a driver or a taxi!

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