Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer in New York City

The Summer is here and it is going to be HOT in New York !!! For most of the people living here Central Park is the place to go to relax antingd enjoy some of the many activities organized there: Shakespeare on the Park, concerts as well as the great sporting activities. For those fortunate enough to have a place at the Hamptons, the weekend starts early Friday with a quick ride to skip rush hour and enjoy the great beaches and numerous social events. If you are interested on a day trip, I would definitively recommend catching a train, traffic might just ruin your trip. Most trains will take you to the coast line of Connecticut and long Island so there is no need to rent a car whatsoever!
For those fortunate enough to have the extra income and time, a quick flight to Nantucket is definitively recommended, just make sure you reserve your Hotel in advance since there are few options on the island and it is usually all booked. For those of you that are keen on driving, I recommend renting a nice convertible and driving towards Millbrook, NY. The road is not to busy and the location is just great for spending a relaxed weekend. You can enjoy some of the best horse trails in the state !
Enjoy your summer in New York city !