Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is happening around the world in september?

Most people have a difficult time adjusting to work after summer, but some seasoned travelers are just about to start their vacation! They know that prices drop in September and the weather is milder and more favorable. Going to the Balearic Islands in August is like taking the subway at rush hour, and it is difficult, but not impossible, to find locations where you can actually relax; in September you will have a much milder climate in all the Mediterranean, a destination full of fantastic places for all tastes.

In Italy you can visit the Capri one of the last places in this part of the world that remains true to its identity. In France the obvious option is St Tropez or Antibes where the famous Hotel du Cap is located, now it is not so crowded and locals are much nicer to foreigners. I personally love the loire area close to Paris, it is a bit cold but if you want to enjoy great food and spectacular views this is a location not to miss. In Spain I would suggest the Balearic Islands, any of the three major Islands will be a great destination as now most of the crowds left. In the main land, the Costa Brava continues to be a favorite spot, and once there try to get a table at El Bulli, which was rated the best restaurant in the world for the las 3 years in a row and will close its doors this coming December, definitively a must!!! Don´t forget that the Octoberfest is starting this month and Munich will become during 4 weeks the Beer Capital of the world: if you want to see 1000 people cheering and chanting it is a great idea to go, for me one day is enough and the rest of the time I would try to visit this great city which has lots to offer.

For those who have decided to stay in the United States, take a plane to New York, watch the US Open and head to the Hamptons, it is still nice and over the week getting dinner or just relaxing at the beach is possible as long as it is not over the weekend.

Just remember before you live to research the location and prepare your trip, as the enjoyment of travel starts when it is planned! Best travels to all or Mondo Explorer followers!

by Nicolas Visiers W├╝rth, Editor.