Thursday, October 7, 2010

Best City in Latin America

I was recently reading a ranking published by "América Económica" of the best cities do do business in Latin America ( . I was not surprised to find Miami to be the number one ranked, as the slump in real estate prices has made this city affordable and it still offers some of the best quality entertainment and lifestyle in the region. I would like to talk about Bogota, because I was very surprised to find it was 8th place among the list.

I have visited Bogota on business trips as well as on vacation and I was extremely satisfied!!! If you like to eat, Bogota offers some of the best restaurants I have ever tried; my personal favorites are Harry's Bar, Balzac and Andres Carne de Res - a local iconic restaurant, has to be visited to be understood-, which recently also opened a location in the city called Andres D.C. For seafood go to La Mar, it is a fantastic place and the food and service will blow you away!

If you like walking, I recommend staying at the Windsor Hotel, a really nice and friendly Hotel situated close to everything and in a nice residential neighborhood.

If you like to explore, in the city I recommend going to "la Candelaria" during the day time, to look at the old part of the city and a visit to Montserrate mountain to see the city views is also great. For weekend excursions Villa de Leyva is a must, and for all man traveling aline be very careful: "the biggest danger Colombia has is you might want to stay there"

For more information go to Mondo Bogota
Nicolas Visiers Würth