Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where to stay when you travel?

I have been traveling pretty much all my life. In the early days it was with my family, and I had to share a room with my sister, in what you would usually would call "family hotels". As we grew older, my parents had the possibility to take us to better places, and as a teenager I enjoyed staying at some of the best hotels around the world. The problem is I have little memories of most of them, perhaps just some that where "amazing" like the Mandarin in Hong Kong, Hotel du Cap in Antibes and the Plaza in New York. The rest? nothing... I can't recall a thing.

As an adult, I made it a mission to try to avoid "typical" chain hotels in my travels when I could. As a business traveler it is complex if your company has corporate accounts or restrictions, but in my private travel I always try to look for a place with "charm", a "boutique" hotel, or the modern version of a "bed and breakfast". For France I enjoy the "Chambre d'Hotes guide, it is fantastic and it give you great options where you can actually experience something different. There are also companies that have selected some of the best boutique hotels that are also doing a great job, such as Epoquehotels, where you can find at least some hotels that have their owners personality.

It is funny that for some of us going to a fast food restaurant is NEVER an option, but on the other hand we keep on going to hotels that are "fast sleep hotels" because we know what to expect; it is time to start exploring , and this is why mondoexplorer was created, to help travelers get local inside information, tips on experiences that can make your travels worth finding a little place in your memory.
Have a great trip and hopefully next time before booking a trip you will think a bit longer about your options!